sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)February 26, 2009

Sooo, what would you think about soaking parsley seeds tonight, planting in big pot tomorrow and putting it out on the patio to be snowed on tomorrow night?? And I'd just leave it out there until it germinated (if it did). My first foray into Winter Sowing. I haven't checked out that forum yet. If I add another forum to my favorites list to read every day, I'll never get off this computer!

Thank you -


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If you don't want to add the entire Winter Sowing Forum to your list, and you still want to try Winter Sowing, take the few minutes to at least read the FAQ so that you get the basics down instead of guessing.

Winter Sowing FAQ

Starting Parsley Seeds Good Discussion

How to Winter Sow

I suggest multiple methods as a test. Try winter sowing some seeds and save some for when soil temps raise to about 60 degrees. Soak in warm water overnight.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Thank you, Violet -- that's good advice.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

There isn't that much to winter sowing, but you probably don't have the milk jugs or two liter pop bottles saved. It isn't just a pot outside, the top is covered with plastic with ventilation. I have copied the idea for cuttings of coleus on my windowsill. When I have an empty clear water bottle, I cut the top off partially, put in a cutting with a little water or potting mix in the bottom, tape it up, put it on the window sill and forget it.

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I haven't grown parsley from seed. I put out some plants last year that I purchased in the herb section. After reading that "Starting Parsley Seeds" discussion, it sounds like I should've stolen them instead. lol

It's sort of an old timer's version of "winter sowing" to put out seed right before a snow. The snow helps to keep the seeds moist and makes it a little harder for the birds to find them for awhile. My father sows grass seed that way or will even throw it out on top of a snow and let it sink down.
Using containers with plastic covers over the top keeps the seeds from being eaten and holds some moisture in too. You have to vent the lids (cut holes) to keep the containers from getting too hot and to help the air circulation so they won't mold or have problems with damping off after they germinate.

The FAQ's in the Winter Sowing forum are a little intimidating because there's so much information there, but at least read that first one "How to Winter Sow Seeds Outdoors" to get the basics then you can just reference all the other topics as you have questions.
A tip: It will work better if you have at least three inches of potting soil in the bottom of your containers so they won't dry out too quickly.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

That parley thread was funny; I just now took the time to read it.

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