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williamcartwrightJune 16, 2007

I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to the regular posters who've put so much time and effort into this forum. My St Augustine lawn has been "organic" for almost 10 years. But never has it been so beautiful, healthy and lush as this year as a direct result of advice gleaned from reading this forum.

Most especially valuable in my case (as I already mowed high and watered deep and infrequently) was the regular application of Soybean Meal and pure Alfalfa Pellets. I never expected the positive benefits would be visable this quickly, or be as profound. My highest expectations have been surpassed.

Today my wife said walking on the lawn was "like being on a plush carpet". truth told.

I can only looks forward to what several years of this kind of routine will bring.

I'd say to anyone who has been reading this forum and wondering if these things really work. Try it and see for yourself!

Again, I want to give deep thanks!

May your grass be green,


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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

I feel the same as you Bill. My lawn has improved greatly in last two years. IÂm sure your kind words reflect the thought of many including myself who have benefited from reading the forums here. Two of my neighbors have started using SBM, and their lawns are improving. Thanks Bill for reporting your success and encouraging others who may be considering the organic approach to lawn maintenance.

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Ditto, Bill! I'm a year and a half in to organics (counting growing seasons, anyway) and I can't believe the transformation in the lawn and the soil beneath it.

I've converted several neighbors, so there's a little less chemical crap going into our groundwater.

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