Robins are here

proudgm_03(6 MO)February 25, 2009

Saw some robins today when I was out looking at the flower beds. Also saw some green where perennials should be coming up. Spring seems a little closer at least even though temps are going to drop as the week progresses. Sigh.

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We were watching them today also.
darting from spot to spot hunting for nest makings.

We were also watching a hawk that has made it's way back here for another summer!!
I am so glad.
The children and ME : ) watched them all last year.
They had a pair of babies and we were able to watch them teach them how to hunt etc. What great fun. It was like wild kingdom out side our windows. Some days we would have 2-3 of them out an the again all 4.
Everyone runs to the windows in the early a.m. to see them out hunting.
Personally I just loved it. As an added bonus!! now I'm going to know an wood as I say this...(knock-knock) I have had no mice in the garage this winter. As well as I did not see one snake in my yard last year. Now if they would just eat those big ole spiders : )
I see some perennials coming up as well. Foxglove and shasta daisy.
I think I may have some re-seeded impatience too. Have to keep an eye on then to be sure.

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Robins overwinter here and arrive in huge numbers, on schedule, at first snowfall, to devour all of the Holly berries on my property (and naturally, they leave the seed behind, all over the garden)! After the snow melts, they return to scavenge the one's, in their glutenous haste, that were dropped, out of sight, in the snow.
I love them, regardless of the subsequent weeding chore.

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They were here for the first time yesterday too. Dozens of them in the yard and field.....then, just as suddenly, they were gone!

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Yes, it's so nice to see the robins return. Yesterday I saw a turtledove on the fence, looking for the birdbath - such a gentle soul.
Every year, around the first of March when there are holly berries, a flock of cedar waxwings comes in to completely strip, in 24 hours, the 25 ft. American Holly tree of berries. They are gone by the time I get the paper in the morning.

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