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oakleif(z6 AR)February 18, 2007

I was wanting to know if anyone keeps in touch with ceresone and how she is doing.


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I have been wondering about her too. She sometimes would post on the Farm Forum.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Oh, its so nice to be missed-lol. gldno e-mailed me-- thanks again.
It just seemed noone was coming here anymore, and no matter how hard i tried, interest wasnt revived. the idigmygarden site is slow too, but homesteadingtoday's garden forum really moves.
but its so nice to hear someone cared enough to miss me--what do you all have started for spring gardens?
i've started onion seeds, first time, and started cabbage , broccoli, cauliflower, but waiting a bit on the tomatoes and peppers.
i'm going to learn to save seeds, and starting with tomatoes. i have white, green, black, red, orange, stripe, pink--lol--cant be that much harder than saving flower seeds, can it? and i've done that for years.
NOW--dont you wish you hadnt mentioned missing me?

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No, and I don't even know you. just glad to see more ozarkians (is that a word?lol) on here. welcome back.
i have started onions also. I just had to plant something in the ground. I went to the Springfield flower and garden expo this psat weekend. bought some hostas and iris. Also a celocasia (hope i spelled that right) got a free wandering jew. And a bay tree. i've been wanting a bay for a long time now.
Anyone else go. What did you buy?

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sweetwm007(6 b)

Ceresone- did you not post on the tomato forum on GW?


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Hello ceresone!

Lets try to keep this Ozark forum going. It is really nice to be able to compare notes with others who face the same difficulties trying to garden here.

I am still waiting on my onion seed from Jung...I am so mad. I ordered them back in January. Icalled and they said they sent them by USPS back February 1. If I don't get them by the 21st to contact them............I may be too late for my onion seed already.

I haven't started anything else yet, but will probably do some soon. I have tomatoes, peppers and lots of flowers to get started with.

I didn't get to the garden show; the farm reared its ugly head and kept us busy.

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Ceresone! So glad you're back! I've planted some flower seeds but no veggies yet. I found Anaheim pepper seeds at the Lawn and Garden Show and will try to grow those this year for salsa. I haven't tried growing onions from seed. A local grocery store usually has bunches of Vidalia onion starts (sets?) and I've had good luck with those, although they don't grow very big for me.
I have saved tomato seeds with good luck. I let them set in water for awhile and spread out on a paper towel trying to remove all the pulp. Kinda messy but it worked. They stick to the paper towel. Let us know how the experts say to do it because my way was not as simple as saving flower seeds. lol
Some of them I just left on the paper towel. I think I could just plant the paper towel with the seeds stuck to it right? lol

Amazon - Which colocasia did you buy? Weren't they gorgeous! I bought Frydek and one labeled Alocasia x amazonica "Tropical". Not sure whether to try to keep them as houseplants or move them outside when it's warmer.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

ceresone, I saw your post on another forum a few weeks back and you were'nt feeling at all well and i kept thinking about you,so decided to see if anyone here knew how you were. Hope things are improving for you.
DH and i use to save heirloom tomato seed and it was fun. We'd put the seeds in a saucer with some of the tomato pulp and let it forment on our screen porch After it was bubbly we'd rinse it in water carefuly and let it dry well on the porch on a paper towel. I stored them in old cleaned prescription medicine bottles (The opaque ones) I think We usually froze them.

amazon and christie, I'm so-o-o-o jealous of you going to the Flower and Garden Show.LOL I'm waiting impatiently for the one in Fort Smith.
Am looking for a hosta or two but can't pass up any herbs i can plant and just neglect.

The weather has been so nice i've been raking leaves away from my spring bulbs.I could'nt do much at a time but i was so proud i could do it at all. Life is beautiful again. I know!! I know!! It will probably snow in two weeks but i've got this week!!!!!LOL

amazon, we in the AR Ozarks have to call ourselves ozarkies ;~)

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