temptation grubx

hutchanne(z6/S.Indiana)June 14, 2010

will using grubx now..ruin my 5 yr old herd. I get grubs each yr. I tried benefical nematodes twice no luck. What will work? Thanks for any help..

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If you have enough grubs to be concerned about (about 10 grubs per square foot) then you do need to consider control and what you use needs to be applied at the right time. Many people do this at the wrong time of year, now, instead of when it should be done, August, because now they are thinking of their lawns and by August they are tired of the lawn and want to be rid of it. This link may be of some help in designing a control program, if one is needed. Be aware that any pesticide you apply can have adverse affects on other insects.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Grub Control

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