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claudialina10(7)June 2, 2014

Are they considered Organic? Mir-a-cal and love your lawn, specifically. And, do they work?

I have a patch of dandelions - big time dandelions. If I treat the lawn with these products, will they naturally eliminate the dandelions by reinforcing the soil, and hence the grass?

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The ads say they are "natural and organic" but the numbers on the fertilizers are too high, and I cannot find anything to tell me what the fertilizers are composed of.

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Jonathan Green does make non-organic products, so you do have to double check, but these two products look fine to me.

I think kimmsr is referring to some of their other fertilizers, which do indeed use synthetics.

Both the products you mentioned look excellent to me. The Mir-a-Cal covers so much more lawn because it is Calcitic lime rather than Dolomitic. Calcitic has almost double the amount of calcium without the Magnesium. If you need Magnesium, then regular Dolomitic would be fine as well.

I don't see any issues with the Love your lawn product either, although I have no experience with it. I have used Jonathan Green Corn Gluten Meal, listed as "Organic Weed Control" and had no complaints. I think I actually liked it better than Espoma, because it was finer partials so you could really ensure you "blanketed" the weed seed.

None of these products will eliminate the dandelions. You will need to put in some elbow grease. Get a Weed Hound and start popping them out. Then in the fall use Corn Gluten Mean and again in the spring. The key to weed prevention is a thick lawn and correct timing of Corn Gluten Meal.

Love Your Lawn - Ingredents

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SC7, I am referring to the lack of a list of ingredients in the products. A level of Nitrogen of 15 to 22 percent is much too high to be from organic sources.

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I could not figure out where you were getting that Nitrogen level. Looked everywhere and did not see one so I contacted Jonathan Green. Here is their response:

Love Your Lawn does not have an NPK analysis even though it is called a fertilizer that is strictly for registration purposes. It really is a soil amendment and an organic product you can use anytime of the year in conjunction with any other lawn product.

If this were a non-organic, they could not recommend it be applied at any time of year. I am very confident that this product is true to it's organic label. OP, I would not be concerned about either of these two products, they look fine.

Calcium, sulfur, iron. derived from calcium sulfae dihydrate, calcium carbonate, protein hydrolysate, iron humate and molasses. non-plant food ingredients: polyhydroxycarboxylic acid from plant extracts.

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On their web site and under the heading "Lawn
Fertilizers, there is listed the analysis of the various
"fertilizers" they sell.

Here is a link that might be useful: j green fertilizers

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I find that the best way to get rid of dandelions is to enrich the soil the dandelions are growing in...and remove the dandelions by whatever method makes you happy.

Then feed the lawn around the dandelions very, very well to encourage it to spread (this works on KBG, less so on rye or fescue). I'll drop 2 to 3 times the normal rate of soybean meal...and then stand back...

Here is a link that might be useful: My organic lawn/gardening blog

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