moss and clover

chris_ont(5a Ont)June 19, 2007


Am I correct in assuming that, in terms of ph preference, moss and clover are at the opposite end of the sprectrum?

I have a tricky patch near a tall cedar hedge. It is very damp in the spring and there is plenty of moss. When wet, it and any grass that grows there pretty much slides off the soil unless you step carefully. But by this time of year it dries out and there are bare patches. It gets about four hours of sun.

I am sowing clover in other areas of the lawn. Am I correct in assuming that, if moss grows in this spot, clover is NOT likely to get along there?


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I don't know about that. People keep saying that moss needs low pH, but the neighbor to the south of me waters too much, so there's always moss along the fence (north side of the fence) and I have alkaline soil. Dutch white clover (I assume that's the kind you mean) prefers slightly acidic soil, but will grow in a pretty large range.

I think the bigger issue would be the water. I don't think clover does all that well in that much water.

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I can tell you that in my yard moss and clover live quite nicely with one another. The only thing missing for me right now is actual grass - but I'm working on it. :)

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