questions about applying compost and organicfertilizer

ICutUp(Fl 9)June 2, 2007

When applying compost and organic fertilizer, can they be mixed together in a spreader and used that way? Or does the compost need to be shoveled on and swept in first and then the fertilizer at another time? If one were to apply soybean meal and corn meal, could you mix them and apply at the same time? I do not own a spreader,so I am looking for an easy way to do this. Thanks.

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Um, yes, but you usually require so much compost that shovel and spread is the best way.

You can mix soybean and corn meal. Now a warning. They're not the same thing (the corn being lower in nitrogen) so unless you have a really even mix in the spreader you're not spreading the nutrients evenly.

Were I to do both, I'd do them separately (7,000 square feet takes me about 30 minutes to feed with my broadcast spreader).

However, why do both (unless you need the nitrogen from the soy and the fungal control of the corn meal)? Unless you have a problem, just use the soy.

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What is the best way to apply the soybean or corn meal.
Given the word meal it sounds as if it would be hard to spread in a push spreader since it in not a pellet.
Does it dust up?
Do you shovel and spread with rake?

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A broadcast spreader is what I use--a Scott's Standard. I've been known to hand-cast if I don't feel like pulling out the spreader and do feel like taking a walk and exercising a bit.

Mine, anyway, is ground to small pellet size (um, about the size of a very small pebble--the annoying kind you get in your shoe every now and again). I'm not sure how it would go through a drop spreader, but I think it would gum up a bit.

The broadcast works great. Since you don't need to worry about getting it on the gardens and can sweep it off the driveway/sidewalk easily, the process goes pretty fast.

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