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mark_in(5/NW Indiana)June 1, 2007

I moved into a new construction house last year. Because of circumstances I overseeded my lawn with cheap bluegrass mixes in the fall(kenblue, abbey and baron I believe). This year the lawn is doing pretty well but I am going to overseed with Galaxy blend and Bedazzled this fall. My main question is should I keep up my good cultural practices to keep the grass I have healthy or should I just let it be ( no water etc.). Currently I cut about every four days, water deeply only when needed( only once so far this year) and fertilize with grains. Much of my lawn is thick and healthy so I don't know how well new grass will compete in these places when I over seed.

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Billl(z7 nc)

Withholding water isn't going to kill off your lawn. It may go dormant, but it will be back and growing by the time you overseed. If you are worried about uniform overseeding, I would suggest you aerate heavily before seeding or rent a slit seeder. Either method will ensure relatively even germination of the new seeds.

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