Need help with timing question-weed spray/overseed/sod

marymilwwi(z5 WI)June 2, 2013

First, thanks to all who have helped me in the past! Your advice is truly getting me through with my attempts to do organic lawn care. I came to the conclusion I need to do a one-time conventional spray to kill dandelions because they are too much to handle and it will be seasons before my organic efforts will result in a soil that sustains grass well enough to minimize weeds. Because my primary question is about how to time spraying weeds with sod scheduled for this week and for fall overseed, I posted on the regular lawn are forum as they deal with how to time conventional sprays. I would appreciate any advice you all have on the other concerns I mentioned in my post, as well as hearing if anyone has any thoughts about the timing of spraying. If you could see my post from this morning on the lawn care forum and share any thoughts I'd be very grateful. A belated thank you especially to dchall and kimmser for all your sharing in my prior posts! I wanted to ask kimmser - you mentioned "West Michigan Mix" as a good blend for this locale as it has rye/fescue/KBG - is it a sod or a seed? If its a sod do you have any idea where I can find it in SE Wisconsin?
I look forward to trying dchall's suggestion of frequent heavy application of grain pellets as a possible alternative to adding lots of compost which I can't afford.
Thank you all so very much!

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The West Michigan Grass seed mix is a combination of Blue Grass, Perennial Rye, and a Fescue so more than likely there is a similar mix available in your area under a different name. The proportions may vary but the one I like best is 30 percent Blue Grass, 30 percent Fescue, and 40 percent Perennial Rye.

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