2012 Potting Shed University Series : Free

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2012 Potting Shed University Series

A Series of Free Gardening Classes presented by Master Gardeners of Greene County

Here's a wonderful way to get ready for spring, learn gardening tips and techniques to get the most out of your garden. Master Gardeners of Greene County offers a series of 12 free short courses this spring. These courses will be held Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m. between March 5 - May 21st. Sessions last for 30 minutes followed by a question-and-answer period where Master Gardeners will stay as long as needed.

Classes are Free

No registration required. Stop by on your way home from work!

Location: Workshop Studio, Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center, 2400 S. Scenic Ave, Springfield, MO 65807.

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March 5

Shape Up for Spring! Prune Plants for Better Form and Health

Not only does proper pruning help keep a garden looking beautiful, it also maintains the health of the plants, saving you time and money. Pruning is a useful practice to control size and disease and promote better blooms and form. Timing and technique differs depending upon the type of plant being pruned. Learn the what, when, whys and hows of selectively pruning plants. Presenter: Katie Steinhoff, Botanical Center Coordinator demonstrates proper pruning techniques and give you helpful hints.

March 12

Safe Use of Chemicals in the Garden

What's in a product label? Learn what to look for, how to choose the appropriate chemical for the intended use, how to safely apply chemicals, how to protect yourself from chemicals, and how to safely store chemicals. This was one of our highest rated classes last year by attendees. Back by popular request! Presenter, Patrick Byers, Southwest Region Horticulture Specialist, Greene County University of Missouri Extension.

March 19

Gardening With Your Chickens

In addition to providing delicious fresh eggs, chickens can be a gardener's best tool providing free fertilizer plus organic pest and weed control! Learn the basics of chicken keeping plus info and techniques a gardener can use to put their hens to work in the garden, but at the same time protect the plants they love to eat! Presenter, Rebecca Nickols, Class of 2009, Master Gardeners of Greene County member, experienced chicken owner. Visit her blog here: thegardenroofcoop.com

March 26

Low Water Plants: Beat the Heat!

Weather-proof your garden with heat and drought resistant plants. Discover the strategies of low-water gardening and get a list of plants that thrived last summer with NO water! Make your gardening life easier in the long run by using plants that require far less maintenance once established. Presenter, Barbara St. Clair, Class of 2004, Master Gardeners of Greene County President, Xeriscape Garden Coordinator, passionate gardener.

April 2

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Composting

The single most important step to great soil is incorporating beautiful, rich compost from your own backyard. Now is the time to start a compost bin! Composting is cheap and easy to learn, but there is a little bit of an art to it that comes with practice. In the right conditions, bacteria and other microorganisms quickly break down organic material into rich, fertile earth that you can add to your soil to increase its fertility and health. Learn how to get started to create and maintain your very own soil amendment. Presenter, Bobbie Ream, Class of 2009, Master Gardeners of Greene County.

April 9

Vegetable Planting Calendar Q & A

Every plant variety has its own temperature and sunlight requirements for seed germination, flowering, and fruit production, there is an optimum time for planting. These dates can vary slightly based on factors like weather conditions and microclimates. A little planning and good timing provides a variety of delicious vegetables over a longer period of time. Have your garden pumping out something delicious not only through the fall, but even for winter harvest! Presenter, Patrick Byers, Southwest Region Horticulture Specialist, Greene County University of Missouri Extension.

April 16

Weed Identification & Management

Learn how to fight weedy invaders. Hone your skills in weed identification by observing live specimens and pictures of summer weeds encountered in gardens and landscapes. Develop a plan to control weeds before and after they appear with management strategies and practices. Participants are encouraged to bring samples for identification and discussion. Presenter: Katie Steinhoff, Botanical Center Coordinator.

April 23

Bloomin Containers

Create stunning plant combinations for a variety of container styles using unusual plant combinations including perennials, , tropicals, herbs, and vegetables. Learn the steps to design and plant an easy, colorful, and stylized container garden. Cathy will share helpful tips on soil selection, watering, fertilizing and maintaining your container garden in the Ozarks. Presenter, Cathy Staats, Class of 2008, Master Gardeners of Greene County Speakers Bureau Chair.

April 30

Keep Em Bloomin

Make those gorgeous blooms in your garden last throughout the season. Knowing what to trim throughout the growing season promotes healthy growth, keeps your garden tidy, and reduces the likelihood of pest infestation. This method is a great way to spend time with your flowers � and the best approach to achieve lasting blooms for a garden of beauty. Presenter: Katie Steinhoff, Botanical Center Coordinator.

May 7

Care of Annuals

Annuals provide brilliant color throughout the summer, and provide instant gratification, giving a garden an immediate boost of color and energy. Select the appropriate varieties for your garden. Learn when to plant them and how to care for them, and the secrets to keep them blooming all summer long. Presenter, Patrick Byers, Southwest Region Horticulture Specialist, Greene County University of Missouri Extension.

May 14

Guided Tour of the Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens at the Botanical Center

Established in 1994, the Master Gardeners of Greene County are well known for theorem demonstration gardens which have grown and matured over the years. Do you enjoy a strolling through the gardens? Have questions about the plants or the dedicated volunteers who make it a reality? Take a guided tour with Cindy Arrowood, Class of 2001 former Demonstration Garden Coordinator.

May 21

Earth-Kind Roses

Earth-Kind roses do well in a variety of soil types, ranging from well-drained acid sands to poorly aerated, highly alkaline clays. Learn about Earth-Kind rose varieties, and how to incorporate them into your garden. Presenter, Dan Faflak, Class of 2011, Master Gardeners of Greene County, Rose Society of the Ozarks, American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian.

For more educational programs from Master Gardeners of Greene County visit swmogardens.com/fogcalendar

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Gardeners of Greene County

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