How to apply compost tea to lawn?

trh701(z4sd)June 10, 2009

I have brewed up some compost tea to apply to my lawn. However, I don't want to dilute it - just want to apply straight. What do you recommend to put it in to spray on the lawn? I have an Ortho dial sprayer to attach to my hose but the highest dosage I could do would be 8 oz. per gallon. My yard is too large to use just a pump sprayer.

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Scott Haslip

Its my understanding that if you use a hose sprayer, you need to assure that you either have well water, or that your city water is chlorine free, or it will kill a large percentage of the good bacteria you just created.

Secondly, there is no shelf life for compost tea. Once you are finished brewing it, you have about a 2-4 hour window to get it applied.

Other than that, your ortho sprayer should work just fine, and remember, it does not matter how much water you use to get it down. If you use 10 gallons, or 500 to completely put down all your tea on your yard, you have accomplished putting the bacteria into place. Runoff would be bad of course.

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I'm getting one of these hose end filters to be able to use my Ortho sprayer as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gard N Grow filter.

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