Having trouble finding grains

sandyzz(toronto)June 14, 2007

I live in Toronto, Ontario and am having a very difficult time finding an animal feed store in order to purchase grains. I have been telling everyone I know about the benefits of grains but I am frustrated that I can't start myself. Out of desperation I actually crushed up and spread a few old stale boxes of Cheerios and Miniwheats on my lawn. I know that its effects are probably insignificant but it did make me feel like I was doing something. Anyone else in a city setting have advice on tracking down some source for grains? I am really looking forward to getting started properly.

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That is too funny! You are kidding about the cereal right?

I just did a google search "Toronto, Ontario feed" and found Hendriks Feed & Supply.

Do a yellow page search for Feed, Animal Feed, Grains, etc. You could try pet stores. Ask for Alfalfa Pellets (rabbit food). You can use Blood meal, bone meal, Feather Meal etc Some Garden Centers carry organics.

How about used coffee grounds? They are Free

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I like your enthusiasm sandyzz. That's what I call real energy and power.

Honestly, you made me happy and smile this late evening after reading the crushing of cereal! :D

Follow what skoot cat said, that's what I did.

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Sad as it sounds, the cereal was not a joke -- I was desperate to get started! Just picked up a big bag of coffee grinds from Starbucks so I will spread that as soon as possible. I was so upset that a MacDonalds and a local coffee shop refused my request for grinds --they would rather have them in a landfill. I am going to Niagara Falls this week-end so I'm hoping I'll be able to find a feed store there. Thanks for the great advice! By the way, should I dry out the coffee grinds first or is it okay to just sprinkle the moist grounds on the lawn?

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Some people break up the "hockey pucks" and/or dry them out, but I spread them as is.

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