Weeds/Dandalinion Yellowing Lawn - Will Cornmeal Help?

kskasiaJune 11, 2010

This is the second year we went organic with our lawn fertilization. We have been using the Away 4-Step Organic system. Let's just say the results are less than expected to be kind. My lawn was full of dandilions and now white clover. It's too late to spread corn gluten meal but will spreading cornmeal help my lawn look healthier - at least not so yellow....

It cost's $15 a 50 lb bag at our feed store and I have over a half acre so I need 3-4 bags and I don't want to waste money if it won't help.

Is is weird that the corn gluten meal at the feed store in my town is $35 a 50 lbs bag? That seems expensive according to other websites...

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yeah, that's high, i think i paid 13 or 100 lbs at my local feed store.

why cornmeal???the preemergent effect will not be very noticable seeing as to how the dormant weed seeds have mostly germinated. other feed grains have higher nitrogen content.

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Have you had a soil analysis done?

Some well respected people believe that dandelion outbreaks signal low Calcium. I know White Clover certainly loves Low Nitrogen and Acid soil... but they aren't definitive like a soil test is...

Here's the thing.. White clover Fixes nitrogen out of the air and feeds it to your lawn (And Bees love it too)... Why kill it all off?

Assuming the tests show Ca is actually low.. it is quite important to your soil's health.. They sell ground oyster shells at our local Feed and Seed.. Not sure if they are considered truly "Organic" or not... but they are high in Calcium... Otherwise, you could use some flavor of Lime at the rate recommended by the test...



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A good reliable soil test will tell you a lot about your soil. As John stated many "weeds" are indicators of soil nutrient or soil pH problems, even though they will also grow in a very wide range of soils.
What is your soils pH?
How much organic matter is in that soil?
How well does that soil drain?
How well does that soil retain moisture?

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