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estreyaJune 9, 2007

Hello, everyone! I'm very very exited, because i just ordered my first bags of Corn Gluten Meal for my yard. My understanding is that i should wait till August to apply it in order to take advantage of its pre-emergent properties. And wait i shall. However, i'm so excited, i just had to order it now!

My question, though, is about used coffee grounds. What are you folks "in the know" doing to spread them evenly in your lawns? Can wet grounds be put into an ordinary broadcast spreader?

Also, i read that sugar is very good for an organic lawn. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it worth getting a huge bag of sugar from Costco and spreading it around?

I'm new to all this, as is undoubtedly apparent. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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I don't worry about getting the grounds spread too evenly. I just walk around the lawn backward, shaking the bags back and forth as I walk. Some spots get a little more and some spots get a little less. It doesn't make as much difference with something like coffee grounds (not like chemical fertilizers where you can see exactly where they were spread heavier or lighter).

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It might be best not to excede 1/8" layer of grounds. If the application method leaves hi & low spots then apply just before rain. as for myself, being low tech, I apply by using my hands - this way I can crush the "hockey pucks". Sometimes I mix with 50% compost, that saves a step. I have also used an hand held sifter, but it is no faster. I gave up on using a spreader. I guess a 10'x10' takes about 1 min, and you get to see every weed in the yard!
In the spring I had bare spots, but by selectively using compost & grounds on those areas they have disapeared.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'll use my hands too, and not fuss so much about blending it in evenly.

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Here's my "low tech" method. Rip open the side of the bag, set it down in the yard, reach hands into bag and fling. Repeat the last three steps until all grounds have been distributed. That's about it.

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hi estreya,

I mixed coffee ground that I got from starbucks with CGM and CM. I just use my hand to mix them thoroughly. Some coffee ground are so sticky together. But once it's get mixed with CGM/CM, it will be easy to spread using broadcast spreader. However, sometimes, it gets stuck. I just use my hand again to reach the hole and clear it up. :)

I have 6 bags now of coffee ground and I will mix it with SBM.

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