Cattleya Penny Kuroda X Laelia tenebrosa

helena_ca9(z9 Ca)September 22, 2010

I think, i have three plants in one pot. All three might shere the same parents

First spike looks like this

Second spike

Third spike

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mondoruffo(z9Latina italy)

wow 3 different plants fro the same cross and see how different they looks like i love the colours and the peloric one is a plus

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Awesome blossoms!

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Reminds me of a seedling purchase I bought from HD years ago. Went to pot it, and found there were three seedlings of varied size. What a surprise! Unfortunately, I haven't managed to bloom them yet, but have been looking forward to seeing 'lavender spotted' cattleyas of various forms. Thanks for sharing your awesome outcome!!

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They're all pretty in their own ways (bright colors, SPOTS!!!, and peloric petals), but I find the flowers in the first photo to be the most stunning.

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Charm(Z8 TX)

All are gorgeous!~Charm

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

How amazing! There is a clone called C. Penny Kuroda 'Spots'. I wonder if that is one of the parents. How old would these plants be?

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