Got the soil test report back and dont know...

regaldozer(6A)June 7, 2007

What to do with are the results

ph 6.6

Phos 14 lb/A (they show that s being high)

Potassium 180 lb/A (med/h)

Magnesium 340 lb/A (med/h)

Calcium 2160 lb/A (med)

Aluminum 70 lb/a

Iron 6 lb/A

Manganese 32 lb/A

Zinc 2.2 lb/a


Nitrate 25 lb/a

Salts 0.160

the reccomedations are

lime 0

Nitrogen add 3 lb per 1000 sq feet

Phosphate 0

Potash 1.8 lb per 1000 sq ft

so far this year (my first organic) I applied CGM April 14th and again May 25th. My next planned fert is July 4th,

not sure what to use soybean, alfalfa ?

I will be aerating, adding compost and overseeding in the fall. Oh, and I am brewing my first batch of tea this weekend.

I live in New york about i hr north of NYC.

What do y'all think?


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What do y'all think?

That you don't seem to have much of a problem (consider yourself fortunate). Sure, the potash may be a touch low if I'm reading it right, but it should be fine for grass with organic feeding.

Use soybean or alfalfa, both do contain some potash. With the alfalfa going down at a higher rate to hit the 1 pound of nitrogen at a time limit, you'd get more potash.

Personally I'd use the cheapest. :-)

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