Will corn germinate?

tarheel23June 2, 2007

I put out 150# of SBM today over 7500 sq. ft. Each bag contained a very small amount of whole kernels of corn. They were mixed in with the SBM. After pouring into my spreader, I could see several on top and easily found more by moving my hand around in the SBM. I pulled out what I could but a fair amount made it to the ground.

My guess is that some will germinate but will not tolerate mowing and will die.


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I think you're right. Some of it will germinate, but when you mow it, it'll die.

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I used cracked corn once that wasn't very well cracked. I had corn plants here and there.

One mow they might survive, two they absolutely don't. I just thought of it as green manure.

They're not invasive, not wide, and don't last long enough to do any damage.

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Billl(z7 nc)

Same experience with cracked corn. In the lawn, they just die with regular mowing. In other planting beds, it is much more annoying.

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