still planting bulbs?

mrtulinNovember 30, 2009

We got the last 200 in on Sunday. The ground is still very damp and soft. What a relief. What do you still have waiting to be planted/


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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

Yes I am still planting bulbs. Sams Club and Home Depot have had 50 percent off on their big 50 bulb bags. I've just finished planting 300 more bulbs along the road this weekend. Yesterday I went to the Christmas Tree Shop(Don't you just love a bargain!!). Their remaing bulbs were 75 percent off.Couldn't resist so bought a few more bags to plant. I hope the ground freezes. I really need to start concentrating on Christmas.

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I finally am done planting bulbs. The ground is still workable, but I don't have so much fun when it is cold! I still plant a few things each weekend though. Right now I have been planting the variegated holly.

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asarum(z6 Boston)

I am not sure what I will do if next weekend's weather doesn't cooperate. I have at least one whole weekend of bulb planting and yard clean-up to go. Yes, I would be through if I hadn't seen daffodils at reduced prices and continued to buy them!

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Well, I've got one more pot of (20) tulips to pot up, and three allium bulbs to plant. Which sounds like I've done really well until you realize I only bought enough tulips to pot up four pots! So I've only potted up 3 pots all season!

Thank goodness I showed the (abnormal) restraint I showed this year. Otherwise it would be another year of January bulb planting for me.


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cloud_9(z5 CT)

I impulse bought one small package of crocus bulbs to enjoy/throw-away at my rental. I still need to get them in the ground. It will not be a problem soil-wise, but I better hurry because the snow flurries we got this morning gave me a poke in the ribs. I hope I will planting bulbs for keepers next year as our house finally sold (but we still have to sell our lot!).

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Put out my last 30 giant cupped daffodils from the Lowes 1/2 off deal. I can't find them anymore at my local store, so I guess I'm done!

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Deb, congrats on the sale! You must be happy and relieved!

But, I guess I'm not so jealous of where you live now after all, if you're already getting flurries. You can have 'em, lol!


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