lack of calcium; adding egg shell???

chueh(7B)June 18, 2007

I had my soil tested. It lacks of calcium, and the types of weeds present in my lawn proved that (I read the book "Weeds Control Without Poisons"). I have a lot of egg shells at the restaurant. IS it a good idea to crush egg shell and spread pieces onto the lawn???? Should I wash them first? Or Is leaving the leftover egg white there ok?? Thanks

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Billl(z7 nc)

Weed definitely don't "prove" a lack of anything. They might suggest it, but definitely not prove it. The soil test was the proof.

Unless you have a way to grind them up very finely, I wouldn't just sprinkle them on a lawn. The edges are pretty sharp, so they don't exactly make a great walking surface. If you can grind them up small, sprinkle away. If not, compost them first and then spread the compost around. They will break down faster in a compost pile anyway.

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