germination results

sweetwm007(6 b)March 26, 2007

sweet peas:

azureus 100% vigorous

lord anson 100% slow

dorothy eckford 0%

painted lady 100% vigorous

cupani's original 100% vigorous

the busby pea 100% vigorous

no soaking or nicking was used.


delphinium blue fountain 0%

" summer color mix 100% vigorous

grand pa otts morning glory 90% vigorous

mina lobata 100% vigorous

heliotrope marine 100% slow

dahlia redskin 100% vigorous

bolero mix 100% slow

african daisy buff beauty 100% vigorous

ballade mix 100% vigorous

aquilegia angel 0%

palisandra coleus 20% slow

firmamant 20% slow

all seeds were from SSE or Pinteree.

will do peppers and tomatoes later.

william- in yellville

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William my vinca seed did 0%. They were from Jung. I did my tomatoes yesterday.

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Congrats William - You're going to have a whole garden full.

Are you sowing annual Vinca Gld? I get some volunteers occasionally but have noticed that they come up pretty late so they either need long warm days or they just take a long time to germinate. Maybe yours will still come up.

I found some old tomato seeds that I planted this week. It was a unnamed variety that I used to grow that always did well so I'm hoping they'll germinate but the seeds were probably five years old.

I still have zero on Purple Poppy Mallow - They were last years seeds but I thought I'd get a few at least. : (

Also still waiting on salvia guaranitica, salvia greggi, lantana, red yucca, serviceberry, and Joe Pye Weed, and a couple of containers that I forgot to mark and I have no idea what's planted in them. It would be nice if those would germinate. It might help me remember what's in there. lol

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sweetwm007(6 b)

planted the flower seed for my wife. i am kind of a veggie/ fruit person. some of the flower seeds were so small you had to use a magnifier. i gotta check out winter sowing. potting up all these plants is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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oakleif(z6 AR)

William, Hope you injoy the Granpa Otts MG as much as i do ,after 8yrs i still have them coming up in the middle of a wild blackberry patch every year. Purple MG in a blackberry patch can be very dramatic.

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The vinca is the annual one; it is my absolute favorite annual. Wouldn't you know.

I don't think they will come up since I have them inside in a warm place. I used the pots for the tomatoes.

I have things coming up outside from last year that I don't for the life of me know what they are! I guess I will have to wait until they get larger.....don't want to cultivate a new weed!

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I have a sprout in my pot of old tomato seeds! I wasn't expecting it since they were so old. I also have four seedlings coming up in one of my mystery pots. hmmmmm still a mystery.
Sorry about your vinca. : ( I buy a flat every year at Hilltop and share with my mom. I'm not sure what kind they grow but I've had good luck with it.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

vickie- i have planted grandpa ott for the last 3 yrs. in penna, china and now arkansas. i like them. this flower was one of the 2 originals seeds that help start the SSE!


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I will check with my close-by Dorothy's Digs for the vinca if I feel I can't survive without it (I have two flats of snaps and salvias and petunias). I need to go back to Hilltop. Did you know he bends and sells the metals frames for greenhouses? Hummert's told me that when I was checking on their gh plastic. I still haven't got my hoophouse up....may not need it this year.

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After planting about 30 varieties of flower seed this year with about 30% success, I'm wondering if it might be better to just take cuttings in the fall and overwinter the cuttings in my greenhouse. Will an annual cutting taken in the fall root over the winter? James

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sweetwm007(6 b)

i won't start a new thread but will do tomatoes and peppers here without listing all varieties:

started 15 tomato varieties from silvery fir tree to aunt gertie's gold. all are OP except sungold and big beef. germination was very close to 100%. seeds were from TGS,TT and chuck wyatt's old site

started 12 varieties of peppers and germination was close to 100% except a pepper called was only 50%. all seeds were from TGS and TT.


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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

I ordered from several places this year, had good germination on all but from one place. zero germination on their seeds. I started red rock cabbage (only one example)in paper towels to check on germination after waiting three weeks with nothing up. evidentally the seeds were dead. I like to order in state, where possible--but definetly not here again.

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