christie_sw_mo(Z6)March 6, 2009

My first daffodils opened yesterday. These are on the south side of my kids' playhouse so they opened earlier than my others.

When I went out take a picture of them, I also saw a little crocus (I think) with a bud on it which is weird because I haven't had any for a few years and when I did they weren't by the playhouse. I think a squirrel must've put it there. lol

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pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)

Awwww, the signs of spring! Wonderful!

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I got my first blooms to day too!

I also saw some pink showing on the peach tree buds....not a good thing.

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Nice photos. Sure makes it feel like spring.

I passed a yard yesterday that was a sea of purple. I couldn't get real close but they looked like some kind of tiny crocuses. They had lots of oak trees in their yard. Don't squirrels eat crocus bulbs? This yard had too many to have been planted recently. I'm guessing they had been multplying for many years and I wonder how they could be so thick. (I'm jealous)

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Beautiful! My early yellow snow crocus were blooming when the ice storm hit On Jan 27. They're gone now, but the large purple and white ones are still blooming but almost gone. Something eats crocus. I have lost so many over the years. But they self seed. That's probably where yours came from Christie. It takes several years for a seedling plant to get big enough to bloom.

I also have daffs, several thousand, many of which are too thick. Wish I knew how to post a pic, as my Ice Follies are lovely right now, as are the early double yellows. Nothing eats daffs, so they just go on multiplying for years, both by bulb division and self seeding.

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We have lots of daffodils blooming now since we had a few days in a row that have been warm. It's supposed to go up to 76 this afternoon and then down to 24 tonight after the storms move in. The ones that are open will freeze won't they? I think I might as well pick a big bouquet and bring them in to enjoy.

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christie, I don't think it will hurt most of them, but I would pick a bouquet anyway.

I think I will too.

I still don't have a lot more open, but lots of ones in bud.

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I miss my daffodils!! Whaaaaa!!!

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Hope you picked a big bouquet! Mine are hanging their heads down totally frozen.....don't know if they will rise up again or not. It was 23° here this morning. I picked up a limb out of the yard and it was frozen to the ground from the little dab of rain we got.

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