Oxalis in the Lawn

fleemo17(z9 CA)June 8, 2010

I have an ever-growing problem with Oxalis in my lawn. To be specific, I believe it to be Oxalis Corniculata. I practice an organic program with my lawn, mowing it at the highest mower height, and it's doing very well. But the Oxalis is attempting to take over. When I see it, I attempt to pluck it out, but it's difficult to get the entire plant and obviously not terribly effective. What can I do to stem the tide, so to speak, of Oxalis spreading throughout my lawn?

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"Oxalis Corniculata", aka Creeping Woodsorrel, Procumbent Woodsorrel, and even Sleeping Beauty is one of many of the woodsorrels that get planted by the birds that eat the seeds the plants produce. Your best defense with this is just a good, healthy lawn although the seeds that get dropped can germinate quite easily. Spraying with vinegar will also kill the grass and most of the rest of the "weed killers" that would kill off the plants now growing are not acceptable to organic gardeners those will not prevent more plants from growing. Hand pulling can be effective although that to will not prevent more seeds from germinating. These are among the "weeds" we will always see.

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fleemo17(z9 CA)

So my only option is to learn to love Oxalis? Egad. :[

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