Garlic vs the Weeds

luvabasilApril 3, 2013

When I planted the garlic, I covered it with straw and a light insect cloth/cover to keep the straw in place. So I remove the cover today (during a rain break) and I find a LOT of growing straw. The green growing straw that is far from the garlic I will pull. But what of the stuff that is close to or right up next to the garlic? If I pull it, will it damage the garlic? Should I leave it and just manicure it close to the ground?
What do you guys do?

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I dont have mine mulched yet and I try to keep every thing pulled away from it. I will mulch after the soil dries a little and becomes warmer.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I'd just pull the weeds, and the sooner the better. If you leave any weeds there, they'll just continue to grow and their weeds' roots will compete with the garlic. To pull the weeds without bringing up the garlic with them, I;d put the fingers of one hand on top of the soil around the if I was trying to hold the garlic plant in the ground. Then, I'd pull the weeds with the other hand. That should prevent the garlic from being too disturbed by the weeding.

In the fall when you plant garlic for next year, wait until the little green sprouts emerge from the soil and then put down several layers of newspaper or thick cardboard around the garlic as much as possible and put your mulch on top of that material. The layer of paper or cardboard between the soil and mulch will help block weeds from sprouting in the soil. The weeds that sprout in the mulch will hit a 'wall' when the try to put down roots to reach the soil and they hit the newspaper or cardboard. They'll be easier to pull out of the mulch since they cannot root deeply into the ground.

Leaving the weeds there and clipping them back won't work well or maybe not at all depending on what sort of weeds you're talking about. They'll just regrow from the roots.


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