advice on controlling rampant Star Jasmine

shr00mieJune 30, 2010


I am wondering if anyone has advice on how to get rid of my out of control Star Jasmine. I have browsed the forums and have read about 20% concentrated vinegar but I have doubts that it would take care of my problem. The Star Jasmine has run rampant in my backyard (a narrow but long shaded area).

I'm talking dense, very strong, sometimes multiple layers of vines across a 10 foor by 4 foot area. The massive rain we have had this spring is making it worse.

I dont have any plants in this area that need to live, the only other thing that grows there is chinaberry and spanish needles, (which I have plenty of in the front yard and are a nuisance themselves!).

If anyone has any useful suggestions please do tell. I have tried using a hard rake and manually ripping out the jasmine but it literally breaks the rake, and my weed whacker helps but only for a little while. THANKS!

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Many people plant Star Jasmine because some sellers tell them only what a gorgeous and fragrant plant this is and say nothing about how easy this becomes a rapant and invasive "weed'. A beginning to control would be mowing the area it does grow, but mostly digging the roots out is the best means of eliminating it.
The vinegar will kill off the top growth, which over time will cause the roots to die as long as all of the leaves are kept dead so they cannot provide nutrients to those roots.

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