sod over fertilizer with halts

rebcaJune 13, 2007

Can I put sod over a lawn that has fertilizer with halts on it. Or can I put sod plugs or clover plugs in certain places where the halts killed off the weeds. and now there is thatch.

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Technically, yes--the Halts only stops the seed from sprouting and only kills very young/weak plants.

Now a warning. :-) Because sod's been abused a bit, I'd be a little careful. If you applied it when the forsythia bloom, you should be OK. Raking the thatch out (which you should do anyway) for good sod/plug soil contact is going to disturb the Halts barrier anyway.

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thank you i will thatch first

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Billl(z7 nc)

Not sure where to start here -

Halts doesn't kill weeds. If you have bare spots, it is for some other reason. Also, if there is surface debris where weed died, it probably isn't thatch. A quick raking should take care of the lose debris.

Halts does temporarily slow down root growth. That is basically how it kills weed seeds. It won't kill sod, but it may mean you end up watering heavily for a longer period than you might otherwise.

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