Rotary Mower Conversion

crombold(8)June 11, 2014

Posted this in the lawn mower forum, but wanted to post here as well hoping to find someone with reel mower experience.

I have a very uneven lawn and was planning on sand leveling my lawn in a couple weeks. However a thought popped into my head while using my rotary mower. Does anyone have any experience/advice about taking the wheels off of my rotary mower, and adding a front a rear rolling pin, similar to a reel mower? My thought is that this will prevent the deck from dipping unevenly and burning my grass without having to sand level it. My main concern holding me back from doing this is the front pin will push the grass down right before the blade makes it pass. Another user brought up a good point in the lawn mower forum that these pins may not allow the mower to maneuver very easily.

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Where in the United States are you?
Using sand to level a lawn may not be the best method and if too much sand is used to bring dips up that could smother the grass trying to grow there.
If that rotary mower is scalping the lawn the cutting height is set too low.

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Central Texas with bermuda. Believe me when I say it; you can't smother this stuff. This spring I built a garden bed in the backyard and I've been fighting the grass pushing thru 1' of turkey mulch. I'm cutting it low because that encourages the bermuda to grow dense to choke the weeds out. It a deep green and thick where the lawn is level, but when a wheel hits a low spot it essentially scalps that grass.

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1 inch of any mulch is not enough to suppress the growth of any "weed", or unwanted plant growth.
Even with Bermuda grass the proper way to level a depression is to cut the turf in a large X, peel back the sod, fill in the depression with good soil, and replace the sod.
Texas A & M does recommend cutting Bermuda grass about 1 inch high which means a rotary mower will have a tendency to scalp if the lawn is not quite level. The best mower for Bermuda is a reel type, not a rotary.

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