when does crabgrass appear?

chris_ont(5a Ont)June 3, 2007


I treated for crabgrass earlier this spring and am wondering if it worked. I spent DAYS hand-pulling the stuff last fall, pretty sure that I didn't get to it before the seeds ripened, but the churned up soil made it easier to overseed. The grass came in nicely, but I still have some bare patches now. I used a lot of CGM earlier this spring, but it's been a late spring. I plan to overseed again this fall.

So far, I've found exactly ONE sprig of crabgrass, in a flowerbed. If my crabgrass battle failed, would I know by now? I realize that the crabgrass seeds can sprout throughout the summer, but should the first flush have appeared by now? We've had some pretty hot weather.

Central Ontario, zone 5

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You should either know by now or, in Zone 5, be extremely close. Crabgrass grows in spring and I've got it in the garden beds (but not the lawn).

What I always think of as the Silly Season (around April 15 to June 1 or so) is pretty much over. All the weird and invasive stuff sprouts then.

From here on out, it's just the regular weeding.

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Morpheus--The OP is in central Ontario. I know there's an Ontario California, but I'm pretty sure this Ontario, CA is Ontario, Canada.

I'm pretty sure the crabgrass season there is later than it is in PA.

One problem with the zones thing is that people tend to use zone for more than it was originally intended. The zone really only tells how cold it gets in the winter, not how soon it warms up in the spring, how early it cools off in the fall or how hot it gets in the summer.

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Whoops, I got as far as Zone 5 and assumed MA or something like that, where the mileage doesn't differ that much.

Yeah, Ontario pretty much has Winter and July 4th (ducking a thrown snowball). Sprout's definitely going to be later than mine, and the silly season probably runs from May 1 to July 1 there.

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