2007 Ozarks Area Spring Plant Swap

Violet_Z6(6a)March 12, 2007

how about meeting out at the Nathaniel Greene park in Springfield on either of these days?

Sunday, April 22 at Noon-? (Earth Day appropriately enough)

Sunday, May 6 at Noon-?

We can vote on a day and narrow it down to a pavillion, probably the one on the North side of the park that has a parking lot somewhat close to it. Not sure if they have to be reserved. You'd definitely have to bring a chair. Christie may be correct in first come first served but there are other areas further in walking distance that have picnic tables.

Everyone can "bring a dish" get plants potted up, plan trades... (wait for me! my plants are barely up yet!)

It's also just a few yards away from the MG Demonstration Gardens so eveyone can mill around at their leisure.

If you have extra pots or gardening tools you no longer need, you can drop them off so the MG volunteers can use them for the gardens to it might be a good time to do some spring cleaning.

We can work on details later.

What d'ya think? Sound like a plan?

If some of you who have been around or a long time are still in touch with those who don't frequent the board like they use to (like Cricket, Bill, etc) it might be nice to drop them an email them and send them a link to this thread.

Which date works best for you?

Here is a link that might be useful: original discussion

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Ok, I've got a dumb question. If i came from the south. AR. Would i have to drive through much city? No one can get lost like i can.

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Vickie - You would be coming up 65 right? You would get off of 65 onto James River Freeway west. Go west on JRF to Kansas Expressway - exit there and and head north (right) on Kansas. Go just a little ways to Battlefield Road, turn left (west) on Battlefield and then right (north) on Scenic. The park entrance will be on your right, across from a golf course. Since it's on a Sunday instead of during rush hour traffic on a weekday, hopefully it won't be TOO bad.
Since you're coming that far, you might want to take time to see the Japanese Stroll Garden too. It has a $3 admission I think and if you bring some quarters you can feed the Koi. The other gardens are free (the Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden in Nathanael Greene and the gardens around Close Park next door.)

I put a link to directions using Mapquest.com from Ozark which is south of Springfield to the park. Ignore that Riverdale Road part unless you actually stop in Ozark. I like how Mapquest shows the different hwy names. US-60 is the same as James River Freeway and north 13 is the same as Kansas. Sometimes I don't notice how they're marked on the signs, probably numbers instead of names.

I don't think it will be hard to find. Scenic is not a busy road and Kansas won't be on a Sunday. If you missed your turn onto JRF (US-60) off of 65 and had to drive though town, it would take some extra time with all the stoplights.

Someone with a photographic memory - Will James River Freeway be marked US-60 west?

Either day is ok with me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mapquest directions from Ozark, MO to the Park

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Nathanael Greene is a pretty large park with several gardens including the Japanese Stroll Garden.

There is also a new botanical center going up that is supposed to be complete within two years.

Nathanael Greene Park
2400 S. Scenic Ave.
Springfield MO

Here is another map:

If you look in the center of the map and look towards the bottom left a couple of inches (say the direction that 8:00 would be on a clock) you'll see a lime green almost square area. It's labled just underneath too.

James River is the grey line running horizontally along the page about 3/4 down. It's labeled on the bottom right.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Thanks christie and violet, i know 2 people around here that might like to go I'll see if they'll drive as one goes to Springfield shopping and the other drives in citys alot.

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The more the merrier!

Here is a link that might be useful: Found some more pics!

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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

I would love to go, but I haven't even started seed yet, lol! I will be doing it this week-end, I hope. So April would be ok but the plants would be only a month old....

But I do want to meet some folks from here, we moved here last September.


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Us gardeners know the babies will grow. No problem. Sometimes it's even better when they're not stunted because they've been in a pot too long.


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Ok... so I'm going to vote for Sunday, May 6.

Anyone planning on having veggie seedlings to trade?

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So do you guys still want to do this?

I was just informed that the Baker Creek Festival is a week later than usual - therefore May 6. So how about we push it back to May 26? This should also help due to the weather fluctuations... What do you think? Does this work or would another date be better?

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