Alfalfa pellets - ok to apply for summer?

andyx123June 25, 2012

Alfalfa pellets are easy to find in my local TSC, they are cheap and fit thru my spreader. So, I'd like to stick to it.

Now, my lawn was poorly cared for last fall. During the spring I seeded and fertilized with milorganite and alfalfa. One application each, one month apart.

I haven't applied anything in the last 6-7 weeks. Would it be ok to add more alfalfa during the summer (lots of heat)? I want to make sure this year I care for the lawn properly and give it an extra boost during the summer (even if the FAQ's seem to say to leave it alone).


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One of the benefits to organic is there really isn't a time interval or season restriction. I'd toss it down.

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There would not be a problem although if your soil becomes dry enough the soil bacteria that would digest those Alfalfa pellets might stop working for a while. If that happens the pellets will just sit there waiting for them to start working again. Many of the "fertilizers", even organic, could be lost during watering or rain since those nutrients would tend to be washed out as the water flows through the soil.

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Kimmsr, I thought organic fertilizers were insoluble in water. One of the selling points on organics vs. synthetics is that the synthetics can be essentially washed away whereas the organic types won't.

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If a material has nutrients that can be easily measaured that means those nutrients are soluble and can flow out of the soil with water, whether they are synthetic or "organic". The nutrients in compost are difficult to measure because they are not very readily available (not very soluble) while many of the nutrients in manures are easily measured and are soluble. All materials have some of both types of nutrients.

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