Twenty Percent Vinegar at Lowe's

Okiedawn OK Zone 7April 27, 2010

I had heard the Lowe's was now carrying the 20% Vinegar (a natural weedkiller) in the organic gardening supply section but hadn't seen it in our local store in Ardmore (it doesn't have a big organic section). However, I did see the 20% Vinegar at the Lowe's in Denton yesterday. They had it in the smaller spray bottle and in the gallon jugs.

If your local Lowe's has a nice organic supply section (some do, some don't), you may be able to find the 20% vinegar locally, which will be nice for those of you who have to wait until you're down in Fort Worth to pick it up there, or who have to order it online and pay shipping.


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If you live near OKC, TLC carries it as well (at least the location on Memorial Road does).

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Thanks Dawn, I'll see if our Lowes has it, and if not, see if I can get them to stock some.

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wifey2mikey(7a Tulsa, OK)

Thanks Dawn. Still haven't found a local supplier (in Tulsa area) but hubby travels to Texas often enough that he's kept me in good supply. Everyone here looks at me like I'm speaking a foreign language when I ask them about it...


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