Mower Recommendations?

habiem(5)June 5, 2007

I'm in need of a new mower. Been looking at the Toro 20076. Anyone have any other recommendations or reason NOT to get a Toro?

The amazing part of this is that my current mower was a crap-o home depot model originally intended to be abused on some investment property I had at the time. 7 years later, the thing is finally dying...

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You might want to try this question on the Mower forum.

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It will probably be a good mower. I keep half an eye on new mowers(not going to buy now for various reasons). You want electric start? not popular with the motor-heads around here, generally one more thing to break. Side discharge? always a dream of mine to mulch the leaves on the lawn and shoot them into the beds. Anyway, can you try a personal pace mower? not everyone likes it. Well, those were features on that mower, if they dont mean anything to you, might consider spending less.

I have been leaning towards Honda, but they are definately NOT popular here. I want the quietest mower. BTW I mow with a 6 year old Toro, my only complaint is that I cant get it to start when it is below freezing.

good luck

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The electric start is not really a feature I'm interested in. It sounds like it will be nice at first, but about 5 years down the line it will be a problem. The main thing I'm interested in in the Toro line is the blade override system. Seems like a nice safety feature. The personal pace feature seems nice, too.

By the way, I did go ahead and post this to the lawn mowers forum, too. Just thought the folks in this group might have some good thoughts.

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To compliment organic lawn care I like a fossil-free human-powered push-mower. That way you get a "reel" motor (as opposed to a "rotary") and don't have to breath nasty exhaust fumes or endure the noise.

And push-movers really aren't that much work (unless you are mowing a golf course).

Surely won't be popular with the "motor-heads";-)

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I don't think you can go wrong with a Toro. I purchased the Toro model# 20072 Variable Speed about 1 year ago. I am very happy with it and I've had no problems with it. It's start first pull every time and requires very, very little effort using the pull start.

Some of the best features of the Toro line in my opinion, especially for Organic Lawn Care is the cutting height of 4.25in. The cutting height can also be adjusted in 1/4in increments (Nice). It also does an excellent job of finely recycling the grass clipping. With alot of oak leaves it might take 2 passes, I find that one pass forward and one pass backward (like vacuuming) works best.

and for the price difference, so you have to restart the mower if you walk away from it. How often do you walk away from you mower anyway?

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