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jmac30(7)June 6, 2012

I read some posts from back in 2007 that discussed using chicken manure on the lawn, but due to changes in the industry have to ask again.Today's commercial chicken growers windrow their litter in the house between batches. They have discovered heating it up kills pathogens. Would I have to age it, or compost it further before I use it? I know several farmers who spread it on pasture without aging it a year and it doesn't burn the grass. I even know a local farmer with a very large operation who brings in 18 wheeler loads for his corn fields. It would be simple and economic for me as I have 30k lawn and two acres of horse pasture to fertilize. I have access to a dump truck and can purchase it for $10/ton. SBM is about to break me.

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If that chicken manure is properly composted, not simply piled up but mixed with 3 parts vegetative waste to 1 part manure, and reaches temperatures in the 140 to 150 degree range the disease pathogens will be killed off, but I would not trust commercial chicken factories to go to that much trouble since it will cut into profits.
The primary concern with using animal manures is with human exposure, not animals, so spreading animal manures on pasture is not a problem unless too much is spread at one time and runoff becomes a problem.
Keep in mind that this manure will be loaded with antibiotics which are used not only to suppress disease but often to promote growth so the animal can get to market sooner.

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