faq ? (protein to nitrogen)

anubis_pa(z5 PA)June 4, 2009

I could be missing what's right in front of me, but I don't see a FAQ listed for organic lawn forum (and I seem to remember there being one).

I was hoping to fine the conversion factor from protein to nitrogen for feed grains.

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The link to the faq is at the bottom of this post but it doesn't mention the conversion from protein to nitrogen.

To find out the amount of nitrogen, divide the amount of crude protein by 6.25.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Lawn Care FAQ

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

That same faq is posted on almost every forum with an organic lawn care interest. I have a rewrite in work but it's been in work since I wrote the original. Don't hold your breath waiting for it and please don't ask me for an advanced copy. It isn't that much different. It is mostly reorganized.

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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

To figure the amount of nitrogen in a bag of any grain look at the percentage of protein which should be listed on the bag. Divide the % by 6.25 and that'll give you the N % in that bag. Soybean 46 / 6.25 = 7.3 % Nitrogen

Bill Hill

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anubis_pa(z5 PA)

Thanks all, I guess I didn't get a very good deal on the chicken scratch I found =) For under $10 / 50# I'm feeding the squirrels well though, bag was mostly cracked corn which I never used before, so I guess the variety is good.

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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

Cracked corn is still very good for the lawn. It encourages a beneficial fungus that fights (eats)other fungi. Farm feed stores should carry soy bean meal which is a much higher nitrogen producing organic feed.
Bill Hill

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