grocery store corn meal ok?

segask(z10 sunset zone 23/24)July 2, 2008

I couldv'e sworn I've seen people post here that the corn meal you use for fertilizing and fungus control is the exact same corn meal you get at the grocery store. But at this link at it says "Much of the cornmeal at the grocery store is just the starchy inside of the corn kernel and not effective for any of the plant uses"

at that link it says you must use 'horticultural' corn meal.

I just bought a 25 lb. bag of the grocery store stuff. Would it be a waste to put it on my lawn?

I have quite a few mushrooms/toadstools. Its a newly seeded Tall Fescue lawn (seeded this past April). When the mushrooms started popping up I figured I was overwatering, so I backed off the watering, but then after a couple weeks of letting the lawn dry out I started getting a few small dead spots in the lawn. I didn't want the brand new lawn to die, so I started watering again, but theres more mushrooms.

Or should I not worry about the mushrooms at all?

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Grocery store cornmeal is just fine, go ahead and put it down. Cornmeal is cornmeal. That article is just one in a seemingly never-ending series of screeds trying to raise the bar for "organic" care of anything, and seizing on any differences between organic and synthetic inputs, just to make the writers feel superior. Or, in this case, absurdly, between more or less "natural" inputs consisting of exactly the same stuff, just because one of them is sold in supermarkets. What a sorry waste of time the whole thing is.

I'm sorry to go on and on, and to answer your question directly, there is no reason in the world why you can't use what you have there, so go for it!


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Just don't do like I did....and put down CRIMPED corn...over lawn that was just heavily AERATED, just before I topdressed it with 1/2- 3/4" of finished compost around the first week of March.

It's KNEE HIGH at the 4TH OF JULY !!!


And apparantly the corn wasn't "crimped".....enough !!!

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Similar to your corn field, I've had some alfalfa grow in my yard due to alfalfa pellets. Not a problem, hey, its fixing nitrogen...

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jeffcarr3(z7 Central VA)

I use plain stone ground yellow corn meal, rather than enriched corn meal. All available at your local grocer.

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