Cutting St. Augustine

Julian125July 31, 2013

Hello and thank you if anybody is able to comment.
I have a floratam lawn that I read should be cut once every 5-7 days. I also read that you should cut just one-third off when you do mow.
My problem stems from the fact mine needs cutting every 3 days. I have my rotary mower on the highest setting 5 inches, though the reality is this cuts at about 3 and 1/2 - 4 inches high, if I were to wait any longer than three days my grass is over 5 inches and I'm cutting more than one-third off.
I should add that I am near Augusta where we have received record rainfall in June and July, and temperatures are consistently 5 degrees cooler than a usual summer, and my grass is looking great.
Does anybody have any thoughts on me cutting as I am. For the record I enjoy cutting the lawn I find it very relaxing.

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Bryan Scott

I'm in the same boat as you, but I am only able to cut once a week due to my family's schedule. My grass does not seem to mind. Lately, we have been getting a nice amount of summer rainfall at the house too, so it goes with the territory- more rain equals grass growing more. If both of us were not getting the extra rain, we would not be mowing as often. So keep mowing as your schedule will allow.

By the way, I find mowing my lawn therapeutic. My wife calls me a yardaholic.

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I'm sure that my wife would too if she knew of such a word!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

If your grass is 6 inches tall and you clip off 2 inches, that is 1/3. Is your grass higher than 6 inches in 3 days?

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Watching closely it reaches over 6 inches in 4 days. My caveat is that the mower even on it's highest setting is 3.5 maybe 4 inches max. So every 4 days it is!
I do not mow a few areas that do not grow quite as aggressively.

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