First Potatoes of the Season

biradarcm(7b)April 25, 2012

Today just for curiosity I digged little bit around two potato plants and surprise to see already 2-3" taters, de-skinned with little rub and we ate them right away, they were quite crunchy and juicy! Tany said yum yum!

Pink is Dark Red Norland and White is Yukon Gold.


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Chandra, that is great. Your potatoes look more healthy than mine. I love new potatoes and green beans.


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I've been weeding out volunteers from last year's potato patch. We've had a couple of meals from them. Most have potatoes like that. Guess there are perks to being slow on some things!

Tahlequah, OK

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Chandra, They look yummy! I've been wanting to harvest some new potatoes, but am waiting until the tiny green beans grow large enough to harvest so we can have fresh green beans and new potatoes.

Larry, That's one of our favorite spring dishes! I hope we will be eating the first batch of green beans with new potatoes by the middle of next week.

George, I have volunteers too in some places, and some of them are in places where I had potatoes two years ago, not last year. That part kind of surprised me as I didn't have any volunteers in that area last year.


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Chandra, your garden looks lovely!!!!

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jdlaugh(Zone 6)

My potato plants are amazingly big and happy looking this year. This odd weather we've had seems to agree with them. They've been in the ground since March 1, but I've hesitated to go exploring for new potatoes.

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Yes! My plants seem especially happy, but the ones that Katie is growing in SNU's community garden are HUGE...they're just past the peak of bloom, too. This ought to be another amazing potato year I'm thinking - glad you're already eating them, Chandra!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

It is nice to have good potato weather two years in a row. I wonder if it is too much to hope for equally good potato weather next year?

Sharon, So Katie has an in-ground garden this year. Oh, that is so cool for her!

I think my potatoes look the best this year that they've ever looked, and I sure hope I didn't jinx them all by saying that.


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