Animal burrow--what to do?

peggydobbsJuly 10, 2007


I dug a hole, then broke my ankle. When I got back to the hole, 6 months later, an animal had moved in. The burrow entrance is in the side of the hole, diameter about 6 inches, and definitely active. However, I don't know what kind of animal, although we have rabbits, woodchuck & skunk in our area.

Now I want to fill the hole. I'm happy to share my space with the animal, but his/her exit hole is not in a good place. How can I encourage him/her to make a new exit? I definitely want the hole filled and don't want the new exit hole right in that corner.


And, is there a better forum on which to post this question?

Many thanks, Peggy M

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You should probably contact somebody who does this professionally. Often filling in a hole won't work, as the animal will simply move back in. Depending on the animal there may also be regulations regarding what can and can't be done.

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