fungus id? with several pics

alabama_lowlifeJuly 7, 2007

yesterday evening when i was cutting the grass, i noticed several areas of fungus on my grass blades. the areas, at this time, are all on the slope from the ditch to the road. we've had ALOT of rain lately and my yard is the lowest in this particular group of homes.

yesterday, the fungus appeared white with a slight purple tint. this morning only one spot remained white looking while the others appear very dark, nearly black.

i've never tried any type of lawn care other than mowing infrequently until this year. i began an organic program in about april and have applied SBM twice. i've been closely mowing the centipede (i guess it's centipede) and watering deeply once a week....except for the past 3 weeks in which we have been getting rain about every 2-3 days it seems.

i suppose i should start with a baking soda mix and spread some corn meal? any other tips?

here are 2 resized pictures and links to 2 much larger close up pictures.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That's one of the many species of slime mold (not really a mold or fungus). Not harmful to your can hold off on the corn meal and baking soda! ;-)

Use a hose to spray it off or a broom, once it dries.

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sweet, thanks

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Just to confirm what rhizo says, I had the same thing recently and someone (probably rhizo) told me not to worry about it. Sure enough, it didn't spread anymore and didn't cause any damage at all. Looks really scary when you first see it though!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I love being the bearer of good news!

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dao4686(8 Houston, TX)

Had the same stuff show up in my yard and nearly had a heart attack. But just like they said it disappears in a couple of days and causes no harm whatsoever. Live and let live.

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