OKC Dan...?

shankins123(7aOKC)July 15, 2008

I posted this on the Oklahoma Board, and Dawn suggested I try to find you over here :)

Question for you...I'm in The Village - I moved back into my rental home (of 20 yrs) following divorce. So, I get to do this all by myself now! Fun stuff and good therapy.

Anyway...my front yard is a (seemingly) sterile mess. The soil is dusty and shallow, and the yard abounds with weeds of all sorts. I'm not sure I could tell you what grass might be in there. One neighbor has short, finely-bladed Tiff Bermuda (my strip abutting his is filled with Dallis grass)...the other neighbor's grass(that has a small strip right next to my lawn)...I'm not sure what sort of grass that is. All these years I've thought my lawns were Fescue, but that may not be correct. The grass is medium-bladed, and spreads by long runners that throw roots down every few inches.

My backyard is much better...it has a shallow trench down the middle, but I'll gradually fill that in over time. It has a fair amount of "real grass", that could take over if encouraged.

I've read of your success with soybean meal, deep waterings, etc. Should I start doing that in the front yard (especially) even now? I plan on using the dry molasses or sugar to rot out the Dallis grass (I've about given up on hand-digging it!!). Any other thoughts on what I can do to bolster this patch and prepare it for winter? Thank you so much for your practical help!

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I don't think he has posted in some time. There were quite a few regulars who stopped posting here when bestlawn got banned. Most have started posting on another forum, although some post here occasionally, also.

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Ok...thanks...? I have no knowledge of bestlawn being banned (assuming that was another poster). Hmm, well, ok then.

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Bestlawn was a frequent poster to the lawncare forums and was banned for something that happened on a different forum.

If you have a question specifically for OKCDan, you can search the forums for OKCDan and click his name, then send an email.

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