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tigerdawn(7)April 28, 2012

Since Dawn is probably too exhausted, I'd like to let everyone know there are storms brewing along the normal dryline heading into southwestern and central Oklahoma. They have the potential to create large hail and damaging winds so everyone please be weather aware!

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Thunder, lightening and much enjoyed cooler weather here in Cushing (outside Stillwater). I don't know about ya'll but we've been sweatin'. we don't want to burn the energy on A/C and the humidity has been horrid. All day I've been dreaming of jumping into a cool refreshing swimming pool. An old commercial comes to mind where a sweaty man is holding a tall glass of iced tea topped with a cut of lemon and taking a drink while slowly falling backwards into a swimming pool.

And bring on the lightening for my stunted plants lol!


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It sure did rain. I got my loot from the spring swap planted, and even watered in. I just went out and found 1/2 inch of rain, in the gauge (that finally got put up yesterday) and hail holes in the leaves of my Chinese Parasol tree. But all the transplants seem to have fared well.


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Here in The Village I received 0.75" - checked my rain gauge this morning before running off to work. I'm so glad I got all of my plants in last evening, too...I know they're all happy this morning :~)


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Tigerdawn, You were exactly right. I was too exhausted. After we got home and took care of all the animals and ate a quick dinner, I was falling asleep sitting up and headed off to bed early. Of course, once I was asleep, you know that the fire pagers went off for a wreck (a wrecked carnival ride on the interstate, which was a first for us!) and then 5 minutes after Tim left to go to the wreck, the weather radio alert sounded for a tornado watch for Jefferson county, directly to our west, and Garvin county. I fell right back asleep.

No rain fell here, but it is muggy and windy right now.

I'm glad y'all all got rain and glad your plants are in the ground.

Sharon, I am headed off to CostCo right now as soon as I get off the computer. I'm giving myself a day off from the garden.

I started the day out right, spotting cutworm damage on a lettuce plant in the cattle trough planter, and pulling up the plant, finding two cutworms under it, and killing them both. Any day that starts with the death of two cutworms is a good day.
Y'all have a good day!


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DAWN....have fun today...tell Costco hi for me!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Sharon, It was FUN! I love it at this time of year when all that wonderful produce is rolling into the stores.

I told COSTCO you say "Hi" and COSTCO said "Tell Sharon hi and that we miss her". I tried to explain you'd moved too far away......

I hope y'all are watching the forecast. As always on April 29th, I am keeping an eye on the skies. The two heaviest one-day rainfalls we've experienced since moving here both occurred on April 29th, and both resulted in significant flash-flooding. I think many of you have a higher chance that I do of getting heavy rainfall today. Let's hope the rain falls kindly and gently where it is needed, and that the hail misses all of us.

Mike, Happy Birthday!


Here is a link that might be useful: Today's Potential Severe Weather Graphic from NWS

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