psuproudJuly 16, 2007

Hey all,

I am starting an organic program for my lawn, after 2 years of synthetics. One question I have is about the benificial bugs vrs the harmful bugs. Last summer I noticed a lot of bugs jumping around when I mowed, so naturally, only knowing about synthetics, I put down summerguard with bug control and I didn't see any bugs around the lawn until recently. I now know the benifits of the little critters so how do I know if I have "good or bad bugs." How do I kill the bad bugs, but keep the good bugs? Thanks for any feedback

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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

Organic lawn care will promote bugs in your lawn and soil. Most of them will be good ones. Unless you see substantial damage from insects (grubs as an example) then consider your insect population in check. Tiny bugs jumping around when you mow is not bad. I'm sure we all have that to some extent. Below links to a site with more information than anyone needs to know about bugs. Its a great website to poke around in. enjoy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Soil Arthropods

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I'm always happy to see bugs jumping around in the grass when I mow (not that I like to mow bugs). If the grass looks healthy, then the bugs obviously aren't harming the lawn. I've been gardening organically for years now, and I think because of that I've been able to keep a good balance of good and bad bugs (the good ones eat the bad ones - to put it in the most simplistic terms).

On the other hand, my neighbours who use lawn spray have had a heck of a time with grubs eating and killing their lawns. But, knock on wood, I've never had that problem. I was cleaning out a patch of irish moss that invaded one of my larger shade beds in the back yard - and I found 100's of grubs! I just left the grubs there for the birds to eat (hopefully). I'm not sure what happened to the grubs, but they didn't move into the lawn and eat the grass. Anyway, I'm rambling - but I guess I just wanted to point out that bugs aren't always bad. We need bugs.

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Hey PSUPROUD. What area of central PA are you from? I live in Hbg. Where do you get your organic fert. from. I have been going to the Agway in Hershey for my SBM.

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I live in State College, although I my parents live in Camp Hill. I looked on google maps for farm feed stores for my dad and found one in the Red Land area and one in Carlisle, but I don't know exactly what they carry. Up here I get my SBM from Centre Hall Farm Store for $15 for 100 pounds.

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Thats a good price. I pay 10.95/50 lbs at the local Agway. Do they sell CGM also? Hope the Lions have a good season. Do you get to many games? I only made NW last year.

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My dad just got his SBM based on the results he saw in my lawn after only 2 weeks. I am by far the greenest lawn on the block. My dad went to a store in Carlisle that we found by typing farm feed store into google maps. He reported 50lb bags of SBM for 7.50 each. I'm not sure if they have CGM. I basically stayed in State College so I could be 5 minutes from Beaver Stadium so I do go to every game, in fact I think I only missed 2 games in the last 12 years.

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When I mow the lawn, several birds follow me around and grab anything that moves. They seem not to even notice me.

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Came back to this post to see if there was some help with the small moths in my grass. I have bugs jumping around which I like to see, but those moths are starting to bother me and I am not sure what to do about them. Started using organics this year and wanted to see what you guys do for those moths (leave them or....) I am overseeding this weekend so started to mow my grass shorter. What do you think about the moths?

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