miracle grow??

ceresone(missouri ozarks)March 2, 2005

i'm wondering whats with miracle grow? two years ago, i bought bags of the nicest black enriched dirt, to use in various projects. this year, one i bought is called potting soil, its filled with twigs, and bark, etc. another bag i bought to transplant my seedlings in was called garden soil, with nutrients added, again, its filled with trash! whats happen to the rich black dirt we used to be able to buy at walmarts? has the company changed product? anyone know anything? i e-mailed the company too- but i STILL cant transplant in this.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

I know what you mean about about walmart and potting soils it really got bad. This year i got Expert Gardener Perfect Mix all purpose potting soil. I can't remember if i got it at Lowes or Walmarts. :o But its good black potting soil no trash in it. Expert Gardener is the brand name and they have a website. Will Walmart take back the potting soil you got?

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

just thought you might like the feedback from miracle grow (scotts ) their reply was " sorry bout that"- i expected more from scotts, guess i'll rethink what i buy from now on-everybody?

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Found the same so switched to the expert got it at walmart. Was $7 something a bag and mg is 8.88 for same size and is not so good this year. Judy

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I had asked for Schultz last year for Christmas and it also had pieces of pinecones in it!I called the company and they are supposed to send a coupon for another bag.I couldn't even sift the junk out.Their seeding soil with moisture granules used to be wonderful.I ended up buying a bag of Jiffy mix.I knew it was bad but I hate it!You can make your own with peat(sifted)perlite and vermiculite.The seeds sure can't grow in pinecones!Posy Pet

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For first time, used "Perfect Mix" potting soil, from Walmarts, for about 300 Tomato and Pepper transplanted seedlings.

Seedlings are the healthiest ever...previously used Miracle Grow and Schultz. Was a little skeptical at beginning...am now a true convert !!

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I used both miracle grow potting mix and Expert Gardener Perfect Mix from Walmart, but now I am wondering, is this good to use to propagate seeds. Will the fertilizer affect the seeds when they sprout? Thanks,

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oakleif(z6 AR)

I don't think the fertilizer hurts the plants and probably does good. I have quit buying potting soil from anywhere but a local nursery that sells what they use for their plants. I don't think anything from a box store is worth giving away anymore.Seems like greed is showing up in all areas of the buyers market anymore.

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I like to buy a germinating mix for seed starting (very fine) and then switch to a potting mix (maybe No 2) for potting them up. I have been buying from Hummerts Int. in large bags, but found it in bales cheaper at my neighbor's greenhouse so will be doing that. These are brands made for greenhouse use and I have never found anything wrong with them. Fafards is one brand; can't remember the others. You might check and see if you have that kind of a store near you, not a big box type place.

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Isn't it the Miracle Grow commercial where the man, in a most condescending way, shows the other brand of soil and all the sticks and trash that are in it. He says nothing will grow in that. Then he brags on miracle grow. Sorry about that indeed. Yes, it is getting harder and harder to find a quality product at an affordable price.

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agmoose(z6 MO)

Wal-Mart sells a terrific soil amendment. It's usually labeled something like "compost & manure." Last year it was 97 cents a bag, this year it's around $1.27. I've had great results applying a 2-inch layer to flowerbeds. Miracle-Gro and similar potting mixes are okay, but rather expensive for the nutrient value you get.

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ekoboat(z6b MO Sunset z35)

agmoose, I have to agree with you, I've been using the compost & manure mix for the past two years and have had excellent results. I make my own potting soil by mixing it with Perlite and peat moss.

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