Armadillo problems!

deafblossom(z7AR)March 21, 2006


I had armadillo came and digged around my daylilies in the raised beds, but not harm them yet. Then...armadillo was gone for long time. Then it came back again. Armadillo has been digging little holes everywhere in the yard,but not bother the raised beds yet. Do you have any instruction how to build alive trap for it? I checked the alive trap at COOP. It is so expensive. I don't wanna to shoot them. I don't want a pet dogs. Maybe Armadillo dislike the smell of blood meal?? Or anything tips? Please help me.. I am worry about daylilies in the raised bed. Thank you, Kat

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

The trouble with trapping them is that you have to release them somewhere. Nobody else wants them either. I live in the country, but the houses are not that far apart. When you let it go, someone else will get their yard dug up. I did this myself and faced this problem. My trap was a big trash can that I put over the armadillo at 2:00 am. I then slid plywood under the animal and carefully tipped it over. I duck taped this set up together and put it in the back of my pickup. I dumped it in the middle of the dirt road. I wish someone had filmed this for me; I would have won funniest home videos. The only thing funnier was me getting my cats and dogs inside, so I could shoot armadillos at 2:00 am while holding a flashlight and closing my eyes with each shot because I'm afraid of the kickback.

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