Weird spiders

ifraser25(z11 Brazil)September 21, 2009

Brassia longissima x Brassia verruscosa. This reminds me a bit of those CIA experiments they did in the 60s when they gave spiders LSD and they started doing all sorts of weird stuff. Typical Brassia "scent" though not quite as bad as pure verrucosa, which one friend described as "unwashed lady's underwear".....

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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

Are you talking about this video? LOL!

Crazy blooms - I've never seen a brassia with such curly petals

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

That's a seriously wacky video, Calvin. But the CIA stuff was a lot worse, the spiders webs were kind of weird and deformed - just like you would expect them to be on acid, I suppose. ...All the time we deform nature seeking to improve it, which is why I am so ambivalent about hybridization. A lot of what we consider beautiful is just a sterile blind alley. Whoo! Philosophical teatime.

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