Etan Patz

mylab123(z5NW)April 20, 2012

I read where there is an ongoing search for DNA evidence that perhaps Etan Patz was buried in the basement of a NYC apt. building.

The last I heard, several years ago, there was very strong suspicion that a local child rapist had abducted and killed the little boy but no evidence of the body had ever been found.

My little boy wasn't much younger than Etan when this case hit the news in 1979, I really identified with the parents of this little boy because my own was close in age and development. Couldn't begin to imagine the hell they were in, have never been able to imagine how they ever went on with life without ever knowing. Perhaps they found a way, life always goes on - sometimes, in the eyes of the survivors of loved ones, insultingly so.

I hope that DNA evidence is found and these people can finally bury that little boy, I don't know that anything can actually bring them the peace I wish for them.

There has never been a mention of this little boy where I didn't become riveted by whatever news item was being reported regarding his parents, his disappearance or any current news regarding the police investigation.

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I've always remembered that sweet little boy. Why wasn't every house in the block area searched with cadaver dogs back in the 1979?

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There was a huge crowd out in front of the building a few blocks over where the police are digging.

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Who decided to sing after so long? Strange.

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We won't know for awhile I'm sure but they have been piecing together stuff for the last couple of years.
A handyman had invited police to tear into a freshly poured floor many years ago but they decided not to as it would be too expensive to replace it. The handyman had given Etan money the day before for help with some chores the basement was his former work space. Seems the FBI told him that cadaver dogs indicated there may have been a body & that according to them he blurted out "what if the body had been moved"

A former babysitter had a boyfriend who was a prime suspect.

"Jose Antonio Ramos has been the prime suspect in Patz's disappearance for many years. Police believe Ramos may have seen Patz accompanied by the woman, therein inadvertently leading Ramos to the child."

Ramos claimed he was with a boy matching Patz's description the day the boy disappeared. He described Patz's sneakers with their distinctive fluorescent stripes. Ramos went on to state that he introduced himself to the child by telling him he was a "friend" of the former employee, then took the boy back to his apartment and sexually assaulted him. Then, he told police, he put the boy on a subway bound for Washington Heights so the child could visit his aunt there. Patz has no relatives living in Washington Heights.

n 1983, Ramos moved to Watersmeet, Michigan with an unidentified light-haired boy, aged about thirteen or fourteen. Patz would have been about that age in 1983. Ramos left the area after he came under suspicion for molesting several boys. Police photographed him and the boy while they were in Michigan. Later, when they examined the photographs, they noted the boy's resemblance to an age-progression of Patz and decided to track the boy down. Ramos had told people in Watersmeet that the boy's parents ran an orphanage in Columbus, Ohio. The boy had been arrested there so his fingerprints were on file. Police compared the prints with Patz's. They didn't match. To make sure, authorities approached the teenager and obtained a DNA sample, which conclusively ruled out the possibility that Patz and the boy were the same person.
Ramos is scheduled to leave prison in 2014 & his stories have changed several times, the Paetz family sued him for wrongful death.

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This investigation is just so messed up. That dear little kid and the sad life his parents have had while this creep was free.

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