Brown Patch Disease

bettyfbJuly 14, 2010

Here are two pictures I just took of my lawn. This is my second year of using Cornmeal to control Brown Patch Disease. I did get a few spots of Brown Patch--probably as a result of spraying a few spots last spring to get rid of clover in my lawn. I have applied 4 bags of Cornmeal to my lawn since last April. As you can see, the few spots of Brown Patch that I did get are recovering nicely. I am pretty much sold on using Cornmeal to prevent and get rid of Brown Patch Disease. I had it in my lawn for the past 15 years and resorted to trying Daconil a few years ago, with no luck. In the past, by mid July my entire lawn was brown and I always had to reseed in the Fall.


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It is always amazing to me the number of people that will dump synthetic fertilizers on there lawns, at great expense, and then need to follow that with stuff, again at great expense, to control the resulting insect pest and plant disease problems they have when working to make a good healthy soil that will grow strong and healthy plants is so simple to do.

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