Two questions about feed & a lawn issue

katefisher(Z7_NorthernCA)July 9, 2008

I bought a product called Safe Lawn by Mega Gro. I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with it. I want to use it to feed my lawn and wonder not only how effective it is but if I can apply it in 100 degree temps we are having now without burning. It is a non synthetic fertilizer.

My other question is about a stretch of lawn we have in the front yard. It is about 5 feet wide and 20 feet long and the grass there is not only much more yellow than the rest of the grass but it is lying down flat and making me crazy. Looks horrid. What would make that happen?

I don't know what kind of grass we have I'm afraid. Thank you.


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I have a new question. I figured out yesterday that my Safe Lawn by Mega Gro is corn gluten. I really completely forgot what I ordered. So my new question is can I apply the corn gluten now in high heat? Going to cool down to around 90 by Sunday.

Also in theory can Dr. Earth lawn fertilizer be applied in the heat? I really need to feed the front yard and still have half a bag of this in the shed.



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PoorOwner(Northern CA)

Hey I am wondering where did you buy this from?
Corn glutten is to control weeds, it has some nitrogen too, you didn't mention weeds, so maybe you don't need to apply that now,

it sounds like you want it to green up a bit but in this 105F heat right now what the grass needs is water!

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I am applying regular water. Thanks.


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Corn gluten meal is 60% protein that translates to 9% nitrogen. It is an excellent fertilizer and has no effect on growing weeds except to fertilize them. It is titally natural and can be applied at any time.

However, if applied at the proper times, it is an excellent preemergent for annual weeds. It will not control perennial weeds.

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