Cattleya Mrs.Herbert Greaves

charlesbSeptember 20, 2011

After blooming last started to rot.To much water.I cleaned it up and put it in a slatted wood basket.1 bloom this year,but it seems happy.

Hope you enjoy

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So glad you could save it!!!
Please tell us how you "cleaned it up". I am losing a few to rain this week in Miami.

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It wasn't as bad as all that.It had 3 dark brown and soggy p-bulbs,so I took it out of the pot,removed as much of the medium as I could,removed the p-bulbs,and then let it dry out for a few days in a shady spot.The re-potted it in the slatted basket with just a little moss,and thats it

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Thanks, Charles!

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A beautiful orchid. Thanks for sharring.

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