bitter broccoli

newhippie(6b)May 8, 2011

I harvested one broccoli since last year it all bolted...I only planted three plants this year to experiment. The head I harvested was about 5 inches across, and looked like what is in the grocery store, maybe not as green.

It tasted ok, different than store bought, and had a bitter taste at the end. I am afraid the high temps this week will make the rest of it bolt. There were several tiny side shoots forming.

The plants are huge, as are the 6 red cabbage and 3 cauliflower, I am just unsure if I am growing plants/leaves and no vegetables.

I added compost to the soil in Feb or march and then planted these transplants in early march I think. No fertilizer until last week.

On the upside, my 6 year old found and munched on several sugar snap peas.


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You're way ahead of me. No broccoli yet--got a late start again this year--and the sugar snap peas are just now blooming. They're late too, I think because of the dry weather followed by the late cold snap.

The bitterness could be weather related--too dry then too cold perhaps--or possibly soil related. I don't know where you live but broccoli likes soil on the neutral to alkaline pH and here in eastern OK we sprinkle woodashes around them.

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My Broccoli has not been the best quality. No heads over 4 or 5 inches but I am getting quite a few side shoots, It looks like the later broccoli will be much better. The Waltham may not have time to make. None of the plants are over knee high, some much less.

Nearly all my Chinese cabbage is bolting, the other cabbage is looking good. The onions look very good but too thick. The corn does not really great either. The sugar snaps I have picked so far seem a little bitter.

I really cant complain, it all looks good for the amount of time I have invested in it.


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Larry, my corn did'nt look too good till the last couple of days. I suspect that your corn probably needs some nitrogen. Corn needs a little extra nitrogen to truely do it's best.

As far as my broccoli, it never does get very tall, but it usually has good flavor. I have harvested almost all of it and some of them were probably 6"-8" across.

Broccoli is a fertilizer hog, if your stalks were a little hollow, it probably needed more calcium.

I hav'nt had a problem with planting it early, so far it has not bolted. I dont think i'd plant later and have to worry about the warm temps.

If i was going to plant late, i'd wait till the middle of august and direct sow the seeds and have a fall crop.I have had pretty good results for fall crops.

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Thanks, Robert, I was thinking the same thing. I have been trying to get away from chemical fertlizer and I feel my plants are a little hungry.

My soil test last year was high in P and K so I have only been giving very little N. I think I need to give a larger serving.

I have been trying to watch the plants and guess at what they need, but with the weather so goofy its hard to guess correctly.


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